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RSTARS Fluid Resistant Type-IIR Surgical Mask x 50

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  • 3-Ply disposable surgical mask
  • 50 masks per box
  • Provides protection against viruses, germs, dust. vehicle exhaust, pollen. etc
  • High elastic loop for increased comfort
  • Type IIR Mask EN14683, CE and FDA certified
  • World wide delivery available

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These specialist 3-ply ear-looped surgical masks are designed to provide protection to the medical / healthcare professional from bacteria and infected droplets from entering the respiratory system.

These Type IIR fluid resistant/repellent masks are tested in accordance to the European standards of EN14683 and are tested for bacterial filtration efficiency, differential pressure, splash resistance, microbial cleanliness and biocompatibility before being placed on the market.

What are these masks made from?

Each of the Type IIR masks is made from 3 different layers with different thicknesses to provide protection to the EN14683 standards. The masks also come with a metal nose clip to enhance the comfort and fitment to the wearer.

The 3 layers are as follows:

  • Outer layer: polypropylene non-woven fabric, water-repellent effect layer.
  • Middle layer: High efficiency blown melt.
  • Inner layer: polyester soft skin-friendly non-woven fabric

What’s the difference between these masks and others?

The main difference between these Type IIR masks and normal surgical masks is that they must meet a higher specification set out by the EN14683 standard. The “R” denotes that the masks are fluid repellent.

Below is a table comparing the different levels of masks which meet the EN14683 requirements.

Who are these masks recommended for?

These masks are recommended for NHS primary, outpatient, community and social care professionals. However, they can be also worn by the general public.


  • Mask Size: (17.5 ± 0.5)cm x (9.5 ± 0.5)cm
  • Box Qty: 50 masks sealed per box
  • Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: > 98%
  • Differential Pressure: <60Pa/cm²
  • Splash Resistance: > 16kpa. 
  • Microbial Cleanliness: <30cfu/g
  • Conforms to EN 14683:2019
  • Conforms to EN ISO 11737-1:2018
  • Conforms to EN ISO 10993-5:2009
  • Conforms to EN ISO 15223-1:2016
  • Conforms to EN 1041:2008 + A1:2013

Full specification document can be found here.

Please note that due to security we have redacted certain sensitive information from the document, please contact us if you require full access to the document.