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ERA 1210V FFP2 Mask With Valve x 25

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  • UK Manufactured;
  • 25 masks per box;
  • Valved masks are comfortable to wear, it lowers CO2 and heat built-up;
  • These moulded masks can be shaped to fit using the pliable aluminium nosepiece to fit a range of face sizes;
  • 94% efficiency;
  • World wide delivery available;

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  • High efficiency

Class 3. High efficiency (94%) for high-risk hazards.

  • Easily pocketed for transfer

Handy sized and easily pocketed these individually packed masks hygienically fold flat when not in use.

  • EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009

What Do These Certifications Mean?
EN 149: This standard certifies whether a respiratory device offers protection against potential hazards
The mask has achieved a Class 3 rating under EN 149, illustrating that it has a filtration efficiency of 98% and is designed to protect against concentrations of harmful particles ten times the workplace exposure limit.


  1. Prior to wearing a mask, wash your hands well. We recommend to use soap and water and wash it for 30 seconds at least. Dry your hands before touching the mask. If possible, use alcohol sanitising gel;
  2. Using one of your hands, pick up the mask and set it over your nose and mouth. Cup the mask in the palm of your clean hand. Straps should face the floor. Place the mask over your nose and mouth with the nosepiece fitting over the bridge of your nose;
  3. Put straps over your head. Hold the mask tightly against your face while pulling the bottom and top straps over your head. Place the bottom strap under your ears and secure it around your neck. The top strap should be secured above your ears;
  4. Make sure to mould the nose piece. Fit it around the bridge of your nose with 2 finders on each side of the clip running down the sides of the strip. If the mask doesn’t have a nosepiece, make sure it fits tight.